Our Commercial Vessel Products

Our communication systems are manufactured and designed with high quality components and military spec polyurethane cables to provide the utmost reliability and performance under the most extreme operating conditions.

Racing Powerboat
  • Full duplex circuitry allow all channels open simultaneously.
  • Reverse polarity and surge protection circuitry for added reliability.
  • Marine VHF interface option available.
  • Corrosion proof construction for permanent mounting on board, powered by the boats 12 volt supply.
  • Fully waterproof system successfully used by many commercial vessels.
  • Ear defender type headsets for noisy environments.
  • Headsets for Gecko Helmets.

Basic 2 way Marine Intercom

  • Our most affordable Marine Intercom.
  • Light weight no nonsense construction.
  • Rubber breakaway connectors.
  • Microphone gain controls on headsets.
Powerboat Racing Intercom
Shown with 2 full-face headsets

Advanced Two way Marine Intercom

  • Robust, reliable design.
  • Easy to use independent volume controls.
  • Power on/off switch.
  • Press to transmit button for marine VHF.
  • Six way connector for M/VHF radio.

Radio leads made to suit most radios please enquire.

Leisure Speedboat Intercom


Gecko Mk10 and Mk11 Helmet Headset

Fits straight into Gecko Mk10 and Mk11 helmet, connector fitted for customer's requirements.

Gecko Mk10 Helmet Headset

Ear Defender Headset

Allows clear communication in high noise environments.

Full-face Headset

Custom Builds

Boat Intercoms only stock small quantities of the two way intercoms, as such most intercoms are built to order. Should you wish Boat Intercoms Ltd to build an intercom to your spec please allow time for design and build.

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