Find out what our customers say about the products produced by Boat Intercoms Ltd. in these user reviews.

  • Not the cheapest and definitely not the most expensive but 100% reliable. If a certain brand of beer made intercoms systems this would be it! In our particular field of sport clear, crisp and interference free communication is imperative since the operation of the craft is shared by way of separate throttle man and driver. We rely on Graytronics to provide this.

  • The speed, service, value and quality of my end to end dealings with Nathan were brilliant and I just wanted to recommend him to anyone - as I know a good few Guernsey racers and indeed anyone else who will be needing intercoms this year.

  • One of the Best Water Resistant intercom systems! I found Graytronics outlasted many other makes of intercoms, not to mention the fact that you can actually hear each other during a race.

  • I think I was about the second or third offshore racer to use Graytronics back in 1987. I think the first racer to use it was Jonathan Lucas. Even in those days the system was way and above its rivals. It did however have its downside, it was the first time my dad (my navigator) ever heard me swear at him - for taking me the wrong side of a mark.

  • It's a very impressive system, I have one in my boat, apparently nothing else comes close.

  • We have used Graytronics intercoms for 20 plus years in ski racing and they never fail. I have jumped into the water with the crash helmet on and they always work fine!

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